Will a DUI Conviction Raise My Insurance Rates?

Idaho has stringent laws for driving under the influence of alcohol. This strict stance against DUIs is the same in many American states. So, if you’re convicted, you may face fines, imprisonment, and other penalties. Boise DUI defense attorneys understand how a DUI conviction can adversely affect your life. So, we defend our DUI clients with all that we have.

Sadly, though, punitive measures aren’t the only consequences of DUIs. This is because you don’t only answer to the state. Instead, you have a responsibility towards your insurance company too. Consequently, a DUI conviction can affect your insurance policy and premiums. That’s why it’s always best to hire a lawyer after a DUI arrest.

Can a DUI Conviction Affect My Insurance?

Yes, a DUI conviction will affect your insurance. Your insurer can increase your insurance rates if the police arrest and convict you for a DUI. In addition, insurance companies are steadily looking to increase insurance premiums. So, a DUI conviction merely gives them justification for such an increase.

A study showed that Idaho policyholders experience a 68% insurance increase following a DUI. This is a much smaller amount than what’s obtainable in other states. The rationale for such a premium increase is pretty straightforward too. It’s that insurance companies see DUI clients as high-risk clients. That is, they increase the chances of accidents and eventual payouts.

How Will the Insurance Company Discover My DUI?

After a DUI, drivers are often tempted to hide this information from their insurer. However, this is a wrong move because your insurer is bound to find out. Some insurance policies even make such disclosures mandatory. Failing to report the DUI may then put you in a bad spot. For example, the insurance company may terminate your coverage.

In addition, the company can still discover a DUI during your policy renewal. This is because the renewal process often requires an examination of your driving record. DUI arrest histories and convictions appear on your driving record in Boise, Idaho. Sadly, an Idaho DUI will stay on your driving record forever. So, whenever your insurance company checks your record, it’ll see your DUI.

How Long Will a DUI Affect My Insurance?

A DUI can impact your insurance premiums for a significant period. This can range from three to five years. Within this period, you will pay the increased rate. However, after this timeframe, you can usually return to your previous insurance rates. Having another DUI within this period can increase the timeframe. Furthermore, other factors determine how long you pay higher premiums — for example, your insurance company’s corporate policy.

Other Factors That Affect Your Insurance After a DUI

Many other factors affect your insurance premiums after a DUI. Some of these factors include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Your insurance company
  • How recent your DUI conviction is


Insurance companies consider young drivers as riskier policyholders than older drivers. This is understandable because younger drivers are more likely to spend a night out drinking. After such a drinking spree, they can still attempt driving home. So, a young driver may face higher premiums than older people would do after a DUI.

Number of DUIs

The number of DUIs you’ve had also affects how much your premiums increase. Therefore, suppose you’re a habitual DUI offender. In such cases, an insurance company would charge you higher than a one-time offender. An insurer may even cut you loose after several DUI arrests and convictions.

Insurance Companies

All companies operate on different policies. So, some insurers would charge higher rates than others after a DUI. There’s no generally agreed rate for premium increases following a DUI. This means that you can compare insurance rates after a DUI. After such a comparison, you can then choose the company with the most favorable insurance rates.


Finally, having a recent DUI conviction also impacts the decision on your premiums. For example, some insurers focus on DUIs within the past three years. However, some other insurance companies can go as far back as five years. Knowing your insurance company’s DUI policy is therefore essential.

Let Our Boise DUI Attorneys Help You Prevent a DUI Conviction

Have the police arrested you for a DUI in Boise, Idaho? Then, you need the best Boise DUI lawyers if you’ll escape a conviction. Now, you know that a DUI conviction can have financial consequences from your insurer. You must thus do all you can to ensure that you escape a conviction. Fortunately, our lawyers have decades of experience in handling DUI cases. You can call us today to begin your FREE consultation.

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