Boise Man in Custody in a Hit and Run Case

A Boise man identified as Matthew Shane Hacker has been charged with a felony and is under custody for hitting a man in a parking lot with his car.

The Boise man accused is 55 years old and was charged with battery and running from the scene of an accident. The accident took place on Saturday morning near Boise’s 18th and Main Street.

According to reports, the victim was also dragged to several feet after the car hit him from behind. Since Hacker, the accused left the scene of the accident. However, he was charged with the hit-and-run charges.

The victim was immediately taken to hospital and is out of danger. However, Hacker was tracked down by the police officials at the Garden City. He was immediately arrested and put into Ada County Jail.

It is also recorded that the accused has been out on parole for a DUI felony. As per Idaho DUI laws, he would even be required to have an IID installed on his vehicle, i.e., an ignition interlock device.

In Idaho, the punishment for aggravated battery is spending a maximum of 15 years in imprisonment, whereas a hit and run felony means spending up to five years in jail.

In another news in downtown Boise again, a man was arrested for suspicion of being involved in the fatal shooting.

The accused is identified as a 20-year-old boy, Timmothy Morgan. He is a resident of Meridian and was taken into custody around 1:30 am. The shooting was done on Saturday evening.

After hearing multiple shots being fired in the area, the police rushed to the 6th and Grove intersection. He shot the man many times. As a result, the victim died at the scene of the incident.

The accused has been booked in Ada County Jail as well for multiple charges. Contact us for DUI advice.

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