UCF Lineman Arrested For DUI in Florida Days Before Opening Game

Tre’mon Morris-Brash, a football player that currently plays for the team UCF, was arrested for DUI in Florida on early Saturday from the campus for driving under influence.

He is a defensive lineman for University Central Florida. The UCF football coach, Gus Malzahn, on Wednesday in his statement says, “I am aware of the situation involving Tre’mon Morris-Brash. We are dealing with it appropriately”.

According to the records of the Orange County Clerk of Courts, he was arrested at around 2:53 am. A police officer, Arthur King, determined that the player was impaired when driving a motor vehicle and arrested him for DUI in Florida.

The arrest report of Morris Brash depicted he had bloodshot eyes, watery eyes, and his speech was blurred. Also, when the police officer talked to him, he had a smell of alcohol reeking through his mouth.

The police also reportedly made him perform field sobriety tests. But his attempt for the same, he was arrested and brought to Orange County DUI test center. The first breathalyzer test was conducted at 3:57 am. His BAC was recorded to be .165 on the first test. The second test was conducted at 4:01 am, and his blood alcohol content was recorded to be 0.158.

This was way above the permissible BAC. In Florida, the BAC should be o.08 or less to avoid DUI arrest.

It is also reported that Morris Brash started banging his head against the wall in the testing room. On being stopped from doing so to avoid injury, he said, “Sorry, I’m just frustrated.”

Records that hours after the arrest, Morris Brash posted a $1000 bond. This was posted at 7:26 am on Saturday.

This would come as a huge blow for the UCF team as Morris appeared in all 10 games in the previous year. He played four games as a defensive lineman. If you’re involved in a DUI, call a professional lawyer to help!

Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2021/09/01/ucf-defensive-lineman-arrested-for-dui-days-before-home-opener/

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