Penalties for Underage DUI in Idaho

In many states in America, underage DUI has serious consequences. In Boise, Idaho, it is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages, spirits, wine, or beer. It is also unlawful to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs as operating in such a state puts other road users’ lives at risk.

Idaho laws are strict when it comes to underage drinking and driving under the influence. When you combine both acts to commit the offense of underage DUI, the consequences are incredibly terrifying, and you will need a DUI lawyer in Boise to help.

If you are facing an underage DUI charge or you know anyone who is, this article will prove useful in enlightening you about what to expect and how to mitigate and navigate the likely outcomes. Let’s get right into it.

Legal and Social Consequences for DUI as a Minor in Idaho

While Idaho’s underage DUI laws carry very stringent penalties, it doesn’t end there. There are also adverse social implications that arise from being convicted with Underage DUI. These penalties include:

Jail Term 

Underaged DUI convicts are at risk of jail terms depending on the peculiarities and severity of their cases. The offender will not get tried as an adult if they are less than 18 years. Instead, the court will treat them as juveniles, and upon conviction, they will serve their sentence in a juvenile hall. However, Idaho laws stipulate that minors will not face jail time when convicted for the first time. Only second and subsequent juvenile offenders are at risk of going to jail for up to 30 days.


Fines are one of the most common underage DUI penalties in Idaho. Fines imposed for underage DUI are very severe and could be as high as $1,000 for first offenders. For second and subsequent offenders, fines could skyrocket to $2,000 in addition to license suspension for up to 2 years.

Community Service

As an alternative to time in jail, an underage DUI offender will undergo some form of community service. A DUI attorney in Boise can help you get this punishment instead of jail term.

License Suspension 

License suspension is a prevalent penalty with first-time offenders, and for minors, a one-year suspension term is compulsory. For repeat offenders, the suspension term may increase to two years, in addition to any other penalty that is deemed fit for the offense.

IID Installation 

An IID is an acronym for an Ignition Interlock Device. It’s a breath-analyzer that is attached to a vehicle’s ignition. It stops the car from starting if it detects alcohol in the driver’s breath. Installing this device is one of the penalties for underage DUI in Boise. There’d be more severe consequences for any attempt to tamper with the IID.

Loss of Career Opportunities, Scholarship, and Financial Assistance 

An underage DUI conviction can spell doom for your college or university application process and impede your chances of being accepted into your dream school. It’s the same thing with applying for scholarships and student’s financial aid. Schools like to do their due diligence before admitting anyone into their institution. If they find out that you’ve had previous criminal records, they’d be less motivated to have you.

Loss of Employment Opportunities 

Employers like to do background checks on their prospective employees, especially when the job role requires a high moral behavior or professional standard. Employers usually have reservations concerning employing people with previous criminal records.

What to Do After an Underage DUI Charge

The consequences of underage DUI conviction are far-reaching. It’s better and much easier to avoid a DUI charge than to deal with the penalties later. However, if you or someone you know has been slammed with an underage DUI charge, it’s not the time to fret. Instead, it would help if you were calm and proactive in thinking up ways to save the situation.

The first and probably the only step you should take right after a DUI charge is to call your Boise DUI attorney. A good lawyer is your best bet for a dismissal or lesser charge. In the worst scenarios, your legal representative will ensure that you get the most minimal punishment possible.

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