Boise Man Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter Over Ann Morrison Death

A man pleaded guilty after being charged with voluntary manslaughter over an Ann Morrison death. The defendant was accused of mortally injuring another man in Ann Morrison Park during a tussle in October 2019. 

Accused Andre Ray Garcia, 29, confessed to charges of voluntary manslaughter and persistent violator enhancement in relation to the demise of Roque “Rocky” Arellano (43).

It was reported that the accused, Garcia,  was mixed up in a series of violent clashes with several persons that broke out in the Ann Morrison Park on Oct. 17, 2019. He went on to get into a fight with a local tattoo artist, Arellano, who he first knocked down, then proceeded to kick repeatedly in the head. This eventually resulted in the death of the victim. The body was found in Ann Morrison Park the day after the encounter. 

The original charge of murder put against Garcia was later changed to manslaughter. In addition to all this, grand theft – for pocketing the victim’s bank cards – and charges on the destruction of evidence were later dropped due to a plea agreement. 

Having been ruled to be mentally unfit to stand for trial, the case went on to be impeded for almost 18 months, the large duration of which Garcia spent in custody. Only in July this year was he found to be competent for trial. 

Garcia has been convicted of more than three felonies in connection with the Ann Morrison death, and the penalties of these charges, in addition to the 15+ year imprisonment on the count of voluntary manslaughter, could land him in prison for a long time, potentially extending to him having to serve a life sentence. His previous crimes include inflicting injury on a child, several counts of theft, driving under the influence, and even battery of an officer. 

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