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Boise Man Charged With DUI After Crash Injures Two

A driver has been charged with DUI after he caused a crash and injured two people in Idaho. The crash took place on Thursday morning and the driver was charged soon after the crash.

According to the Idaho State Police, the accident happened when a driver under the influence of alcohol rear-ended another vehicle. The driver charged with DUI has been identified as Baunsong Saengthip, 39. Saengthip was driving westbound on the I-84 and driving a 2004 Lexus R33 SUV at the time. He also had another passenger with him in the vehicle.

The crash took place when Saengthip struck the vehicle of Debra Jones, 63. Jones was driving a 2000 Mistubishi Mirage and was also headed westbound. Saengthip struck Jones’ vehicle in the rear which caused both vehicles to lose control. The drivers in both vehicles were wearing seatbelts at the moment of collision. After the collision, the two vehicles came to a stop.

Jones and the passenger in Saengthip’s vehicle sustained injuries in the crash. Once help reached the site of the accident, both were rushed to the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. The nature and severity of the injuries of both victims is not clear at this time.

Authorities suspect that Saengthip was driving the vehicle under the influence when the accident took place. He was subsequently charged with felony DUI. His next court appearance is on Thursday while the Idaho State Police continues to investigate the accident.

Felony DUI carries heavier penalties compared to a standard DUI. Felony DUI may lead to up to a one year prison sentence. The suspect may also face a fine of up to $2,000. In addition, the driver found guilty of felony DUI will also have his or her licenses suspended for at least 1 year.

If you are accused of drunk driving, contact our Boise DUI attorneys today to figure out the next steps to take to get back on the right track.


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