Man Arrested for Drunk Driving in South Jordan, Crashing Car With 6 Kids in It

Police arrested a man for drunk driving in South Jordan after he crashed a car while speeding under the influence of alcohol, on Friday, November 26.  According to officials, six children were in the vehicle when the incident took place. Out of the six who were in the vehicle, five were not wearing seatbelts, officials added. Among these five was a four-year-old child. 

The suspect, Sharanjit Multani, was a 37-year-old man traveling at a ‘very high rate of speed’ towards the south in South Jordan, at about 4,000W. He was arrested and taken to the Salt Lake County jail by officials who were at the crime scene. 

The incident reportedly took place after Multani lost control while driving the vehicle. He drove into a guard rail when he lost control, causing the vehicle to slow down, officials said. This prevented the vehicle (and all seven passengers) from falling off a 30-foot retaining wall. The odor of “alcoholic beverages” was detected. He also showed signs of “physical impairment,” officials who investigated the case noted. 

As per documents made at the time of Multani’s arrest on charges of drunk driving in South Jordan, he declined the offer for a hospital trip after the accident. He also refused to accept medical attention. Later, a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) was processed against him. A breath test also gave a positive indication for alcohol consumption. 

Sharanjit Multani was charged, and thereafter arrested, for reckless driving, six counts of driving a vehicle with a minor while under the influence of alcohol, reckless endangerment (on six counts), failure to provide a device to restrain a child under 8 years of age, failure to failure to provide a device to restrain a child between the age of 8 to 16 (three counts).

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