DUI Driver Arrested in Hit-and-Run Accident That Injured Two

The driver in connection with a hit-and-run accident that took place the previous Sunday was arrested two days later. The accident resulted in serious injuries to a man and a woman whose identities are not known at this time.

The suspect has been identified as Ryan K. Craftsman, 31, of Boise. According to the details shared by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, the crash occurred on the West Harness Drive, close to the Amity and Five Mile roads. Two pedestrians, a man, and a woman were walking along the road when Craftsman struck them from behind. The incident was timed at around 8 p.m. on Sunday night.

Both pedestrians sustained serious injuries in the collision. Once the authorities were notified about the accident and first responders arrived, the pedestrians were found lying on the roadside.

Craftsman who allegedly hit the couple fled the scene of the incident. Witnesses reported that a large white pickup truck with oversized tires and a sizable bed was involved in the incident. In the wake of the crash, the Sheriff’s Office sought help from witnesses and others in locating the vehicle. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect vehicle had frontal damage but no broken glass parts.

Based on the description and details provided by the witnesses, investigators were able to determine that the pickup involved in the crash was one driven by Craftsman. Damage to the front of the vehicle was consistent with the other facts of the collision.

These findings led the authorities to arrest Craftsman on Tuesday. He was initially charged with felony aggravated DUI and felony leaving the scene of an accident. Both are serious crimes with stiff penalties in Idaho. The punishment for felony aggravated DUI is up to 15 years in prison, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Source: https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/crime/police-arrest-boise-man-for-hit-and-run-crash-that-struck-couple/277-7c03959d-ca8c-471f-98e7-d2e8ceff3a59


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