Man On Probation After Blowing Four Times The Legal Blood Alcohol Limit

A judge has sentenced Christopher Scott Lusk, 40, to probation after he drove with four times the legal blood alcohol limit.

On July 9, Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies and Idaho Falls Police officers were dispatched to a scene near South Holmes Avenue and Sunnyside Road where a drunk driver had been reported. Lusk was driving the car, and he was charged with a felony due to past DUI convictions in 2015 and also in the year 2017.

After further investigation, the authorities concluded that Lusk had been drinking beer, and when they allowed him to take a breathalyzer test, the results were shocking. Lusk had, in fact, blown four times the legal blood alcohol limit, which is way dangerous for a driver to be in control of a vehicle. A lot of things could’ve gone wrong. Lusk pled guilty to DUI in exchange for a recommendation that he serves no more than a rider.

After pleading guilty to felony DUI on Wednesday, November 3, he was sentenced to seven years probation. District Judge Bruce Pickett had two options. To place Lusk on probation or impose a 3-10 year prison sentence. Having pleaded guilty, the judge decided to punish Lusk by placing him on probation. The chances of being sentenced to prison still remain the same. In case of violation, he will surely be sentenced to prison. 

Apart from this, Lusk was sentenced to perform 100 hours of community service and also attend Wood Court. To help Lusk with his issues, the court has offered a program to help him deal with and recover from the years of addiction to alcohol. Those undergoing mental health or substance abuse treatment benefit from the court program. According to court documents, Lusk’s sentence requires him to remain in detention at the Bonneville County Jail until Wood Court establishes his eligibility for release.

Considering all his past records, Lusk’s driver’s license was suspended for a year. In addition to that, he must use an ignition interlock device for the next two years.

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