Mark Few, Gonzaga Basketball Coach Arrested For DUI In Idaho

Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few was stopped by the Coeur d’Alene police for a DUI in Idaho on Monday evening. He was cited to be driving erratic and speeding at around 8 pm, as per police reports.

However, after reflecting on the DUI in Idaho, he released a statement, “I believe as a leader and role model, I am expected to set only the best example. The decisions I made yesterday do not exemplify this standard, and for that, I sincerely apologize to you all. I recognize that operating a motor vehicle after consuming any amount of alcohol exhibits poor judgment.”

He further added, “Regardless of the outcome of the pending investigation, I will never allow such a lapse in judgment to occur again. Please know that I am committed to learning from this mistake and will work to earn back your trust in me.”

As per the police reports, he didn’t oblige to perform the field sobriety tests, and a few of his breath samples read 0.119 and 0.120. The BAC level above 0.08 is considered DUI in Idaho.

Following this incident, Chris Standiford, Gonzaga athletic director, released a statement on Tuesday stating, “While the facts of the situation are still being evaluated, we understand its severity and the legal process that will follow. As a Gonzaga employee, we respect Coach Few’s rights to privacy and will refrain from further comment at this time.”.

Mark Few was held on Monday night about 30 miles east of Gonzaga campus for intoxication. He also showed several signs of intoxication and poor judgment.

The first one to report about the Few being held was Coeur d’Alene Press.

Few previously had been head coach of basketball team Bulldogs for 22 seasons. He is currently the coach of Gonzaga, who recently lost to Baylor last April in the national championship.

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