I-95 DUI Crash Suspect Who Killed Idaho Family Recaptured

According to reports from the Nye County Sheriff’s office, the suspect in the case of a fatal I-95 DUI crash earlier this year was taken back in custody after he tried to escape from a Clark County rehabilitation center.  The manhunt lasted for around 36 hours.  

The accused was identified as Tyler Kennedy.  He tried to escape after cutting off his ankle monitor at around 12 p.m. on Saturday, October 19. Thereafter, he escaped the Westcare Harris Springs Rehabilitation Center in Las Vegas.  

Officials were not able to find him overnight.  However, Kennedy returned to the center himself due to bad weather on Sunday night, according to reports from the Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect was then moved to the Nye County Detention Center. The Sheriff’s Office said that he will now face additional charges of malicious destruction of property and escape as well.  

Kennedy is already facing charges for an I-95 DUI crash he caused in March, killing three people and seriously injuring two more.  

According to Nevada Highway Patrol reports, Kennedy was driving a Ford F-150 that he slammed into a Toyota Highlander.  The accident happened on I-95 near a 99-mile marker in Nye County near Scotty’s Journal. The accident happened as the Ford truck veered towards the southbound lane and struck the driver side of Toyota SUV. The impact was so powerful that the Toyota overturned.  

Three of the five passengers traveling in the Toyota, identified as Lauren Starcevich, 38, Michael Durmeier, 39, and Durmeier’s 12-year-old daughter, Georgia Durmeier, died on the spot. Durmeier’s two other children were left seriously injured.  

According to a GoFundMe crowdfunding page, Michael Durmeier was with his fiancée Lauren. The Durmeier were from a small town on the Wyoming-Idaho border,  Victor. The family was on spring break. 

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Source: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/homicides/suspect-in-alleged-dui-crash-that-killed-idaho-family-recaptured-2457659/


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