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Idaho State Police Launches DUI Patrols

The Idaho State Police (ISP) has launched special emphasis patrols in a bid to reduce the number of DUI drivers on the roads across Idaho. The patrols were launched this Monday as the busiest week of the holiday season comes up. Every year, traffic on the road reaches peak during the last week of December. This also coincides with more drivers who drive after drinking at parties and other holiday festivities.

In 2018 alone, nearly 800 people died in road fatalities during the month of December alone. According to the statistics released by ISP, 6% of all the crashes that took place in 2018 involved an impaired driver. The total figure marked a 7% uptick from 2017.

ISP hopes to avoid a similar increase in the number of holiday season crashes this year with the emphasis patrols. Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) will be involved with these patrols. These are specially trained professionals who are better equipped to identify impaired drivers. DREs help the police patrols gather evidence related to driver impairment.

The expert testimony and evidence provided by DREs is vital in helping bring DUI charges against drivers and get an indictment. This is particularly important as many DUI cases do not result in sentencing because of poorly collected evidence related to impairment. If the evidence is not collected as per the stipulated laws, it may not be admissible in the court.

At the occasion of the launch of DUI patrols, Major Gardiner of the ISP stated that the initiative was an attempt to make roadways safe for everyone during the holiday season. He also said that DUI accidents, which can often be fatal, are absolutely preventable. ISP statistics show that 18-39 year olds are most likely to be found driving while impaired.

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