Geno Smith Arrested for DUI After Speeding and Erratic Driving

Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback, was pulled over by the Washington State Patrol for driving over 96mph in a 60mph speed zone. He was arrested for DUI due to his erratic driving, going across several lanes. 

The report about his arrest was released on Tuesday, January 11. He was arrested on Monday morning while returning from Arizona after their last game of the season. As per the report, the police officer “detected a strong odor of intoxicants and observed the driver had bloodshot, watery eyes.” 

In a statement given by Smith to state troopers, he says that he had wine earlier and hadn’t consumed any alcohol 90 minutes before he was arrested. Smith didn’t agree to submit for the breathalyzer test. After that, the judge issued a search warrant for blood tests. He was later taken to the hospital for the same. However, he was adamant about not giving the blood even though his team’s director of security told him to give in. As per the trooper’s report, restraints were used to calm him down and take the blood sample further. 

After that, Smith was arrested for DUI and transported to the King County correctional facility as part of a rehabilitation program. However, he was released on bail of $1000 the next day. His attorney Jon Fox has requested everyone to keep an open mind till proper facts are ascertained. 

It was Smith’s third season with the Seahawks. He played four games for the team. Smith’s contributions to the game were decent as he threw for 702 yards and five touchdowns. He is under one year contract with the Seahawks and will be a free agent after the end of this NFL season. 

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