idaho activists

Idaho Activists Want Marijuana Bought Legally To Be Decriminalized

June 20, 2021

The new initiative proposed by Idaho activists would allow adults 21 and up to carry marijuana legally up to three ounces. Up until now, marijuana is illegal to carry in Idaho. Still, most adults who want to use it travel to the states where it is legal and buy it from there to bring back…

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tips-winning-DUI case

Tips on How To Win Your DUI Case

June 14, 2021

A DUI case happens when an individual drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When this occurs, if the authorities find the individual guilty of the charge, they can penalize them severely. In Idaho, the law states that an individual with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.08% is guilty of DUI.…

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Idaho DUI-fence-crash

Idaho DUI Results in Man Crashing Into Fence

June 8, 2021

An Idaho DUI case was reported on June 1, 2021, when a 43-year-old man hailing from Boise, Idaho, was arrested for several charges following the accident. The man is identified as Jonathan King. The incident took place on Friday night near Pleasant Valley and Kuna Mora Road. A witness also saw a blue SUV vehicle…

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Can You Get a CDL With a Prior DUI Charge in Idaho?

June 2, 2021

A commercial drivers license (CDL) can be affected by a DUI charge. When you get pulled over for driving under the influence, you know instantly that your life is about to change. This is because DUI stays on your record for a long time and has life-altering consequences. If you are a commercial driver who…

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DUI accidents

DUI Accidents and Severe Injuries – Compensation

June 2, 2021

There is nothing wrong with having a glass or two of your favorite wine and enjoying it. What is wrong is being intoxicated and driving which may lead to DUI accidents. The truth is, drunk driving is a scourge in society. Unfortunately, it leaves so many victims in its wake. Some states call it drunk…

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stand trial as an adult in Idaho

Teen Charged With Murder Will Stand Trial as an Adult in Idaho

May 29, 2021

A judge in Idaho ordered Demetri Xs Ewing, a 16-year-old teen charged with murder to stand trial as an adult in Idaho. The teen will have to stand trial in the murder case when he turns 18. He is suspected of having been involved in a home invasion and fatal shooting case.  Magistrate Judge Michelle…

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pulled over-dui

What To Do if You Get Pulled Over for a DUI

May 24, 2021

Getting pulled over by the police, especially in light of recent occurrences, can be a grueling experience. It’s even worse if you know you have done something wrong, such as driving under the influence (DUI). This article explores what to do when you get pulled over by the police for a DUI and when to…

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Arrested On DUI Charges in Idaho

Woman Arrested on DUI Charges in Idaho

May 20, 2021

A 36-year-old woman was arrested on DUI charges in Idaho after a head-on crash that caused life-threatening injuries to the other driver.  Corina Larabee, a North Idaho resident, was arrested on Wednesday, May 7th, after causing a crash while driving under the influence. The collision left the other driver with near-fatal injuries who is currently…

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DUI accident

6 Critical Steps To Take After a DUI Accident

May 14, 2021

A DUI accident is not a great time for anyone involved. DUI lawyers in Boise, Idaho have considerable experience in dealing with motor vehicle accidents. Throughout our practice years, we’ve seen that drunk driving is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Often, most people who get involved in accidents where one of the…

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Sandy Springs hit-and-run

Driver Charged With DUI in Sandy Springs Hit-and-Run Case

May 8, 2021

A 19-year-old, Robert Michael Barbour, has been identified as the accused in a Sandy Springs hit-and-run case. The Sandy Springs police found marijuana in his system when charged with DUI.  Barbour blocked the traffic on Ga. 400 with his reckless driving causing three continuous hit-and-runs on Tuesday, April 27. The police believe he may also…

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